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AVEVA participated as a Global Sponsor at the recent online ARC Industry Forum Asia titled Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World. Boris Marrone, Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific, Head of South Asia & South East Asia, AVEVA, spoke about the company’s digital transformation journey and how Performance Intelligence is helping to shape a sustainable future. Mr. Marrone highlighted the OSIsoft acquisition that brings together two world-class software experts, delivering end-to-end customer value with best-of-breed industrial software that ultimately accelerates digital transformation. 

This blog captures the salient points of Mr. Marrone’s presentation. His presentation video (Day 1, Session 2) will be available at the vFairs platform for the next three months:  ARC Asia Forum 2021 ( The documents and video link are also available at AVEVA’s booth.

AVEVA Overview

AVEVA is a leader in industrial software, and the business is founded on trusted partnerships with leading industrial companies that use its expertise and products to unify their data and combine it with leading edge analytics, enabling them to turn opportunities into sustainable business value.  With over 50 years of innovation, 2 million licenses installed, and leading market position in diverse markets in industrial software sectors globally, AVEVA offers proven and trusted solutions. AVEVA, supported by a large industrial software ecosystem (5,000 + partners and system integrators), helps customers achieve their digital transformation goals. The company’s solutions address a wide range of industries, such as oil & gas, power, packaged goods, food & beverage, chemicals, metals & mining, infrastructure, and marine. 

Power of Performance Intelligence

The combination of AVEVA and OSIsoft gives customers a unified portfolio that enables agility and optimization, boosts asset reliability and safety, and increases automation to drive efficiencies throughout the engineering and operations lifecycle, explained Mr. Marrone. The combined portfolio brings OSIsoft’s world-class data management together with AVEVA’s leading industrial software to unlock Performance Intelligence. Performance Intelligence connects information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more accurate decision making, helping industries boost sustainability. “At the end of the day it is all about better data, smarter solutions, and proven results,” he said. 

Digital Transformation to Drive Sustainable Business Value

Explaining how digital transformation can drive sustainable business value, Mr. Marrone said that it enables you to work in a smart and agile manner. The more data you have, the more inputs you can feed into high-quality analytics to drive better predictions. The breadth and depth of AI is important for more complete, accurate, and insightful information to drive efficiency, cut operating cost, and elevate performance. Reliable data can help to measure, understand, and optimize the industrial lifecycle. Companies can maximize CapEx efficiency and drive engineering optimization based on holistic data to take the best path forward with the following capabilities:

  • Agile, efficient supply chains
  • Safe asset operations
  • Reduced manual supervision
  • Accurate real-time data, combined with AI and predictive  analytics for decision support  

AVEVA’s Portfolio Strategy

A comprehensive portfolio software fuels innovation by helping companies simplify design, optimize production, reduce energy consumption, and maximize performance. People and assets are connected to technologies to predict outcomes and provide guidance, giving visibility to key members to get the right information to make precise decisions. The role of technology is critical in enabling the future industrial enterprise, breaking down the information and process silos with a common digital thread across the asset lifecycle and the operations value chain.

Performance Intelligence

AVEVA’s portfolio strategy is centered around five key drivers: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, Industrial IoT/Edge, and Extended Reality. Part of the core strategy is to incorporate partner solutions to address customer or industry specific requirements and accelerate time to value. Being open and offering the ability to work in concert with multiple technology providers is critical for customers to maximize benefits from technology investment. The power of the portfolio, combined with partner capabilities, is now directed to address the fundamental future personas of the industrial enterprise - the digital twin and connected worker. The digital twin is a “multi-faceted lens that enhances the understanding of the asset, system or process and delivers value when it is combined with human insight and capability of the connected worker.” Technology enables the connected worker with the ability to collaborate across process areas and geographical boundaries, facilitates situation-based analysis for rapid and well-informed decision making, and provides the foundation for continuous improvement and learning.

Benefits from The Combined Portfolio

Showcasing the efficacy of industrial data, AI and prescriptive guidance to improve asset reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime, Mr. Marrone listed companies that saw huge savings:

  • American Electric Power
  • Duke Energy
  • eDF electric utility company
  • Southern Company, an American gas and electric utility holding company

At Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), industrial information management, coupled with advanced enterprise visualization, improved collaboration and decision making (15 percent less energy consumption and 40 percent increase in operational efficiency). Next, he spoke about other customers who have reduced down time, improved performance, and seen quantifiable benefits – GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), SCG Chemicals, and Nava Raipur smart city in India.

With the combined offerings of AVEVA and OSIsoft you can see  “Today’s optimization and tomorrow’s opportunity.” It is about empowering teams to get better visibility into live operations and empowering leaders to make better decisions.

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